We have added a few new products:

- Fender Ivory/Cream knobs
- Gibson Witch Hat black/silver and black/gold
- Gibson Top Hat Bell black knobs
- 1959 square Gibson jack plate


Here is a great looking Gibson Les Paul Collector's Choice owned by Dirk from Germany. He ordered from us a set of mismatched knobs, Green/Moore style. They fit perfectly, aren't they?


Here are some artists using 59 Parts products:

- Chuck Robinson, ex-Trouble, Bad Mother Trucker(USA)
- Jacob Petersen, the Steve Miller Band (USA)
- Slawek Malecki, Zdrowa Woda (PL)
- Steve Brockmann, Airs Rock Opera (D)
- Johan Bergqvist, the Genuine Fakes, NUTMEG (SWE)

Photo: Beate Zoellner


We are happy to announce that 59 Parts has become official dealer of DrNo-Effects! They sound great, look awesome and their goal is to re-introduce the honest, inspirational sound from the past!
First pedals are on their way to 59 Parts and they will be available for sale very soon! Check our webaite and fan page for more details!

"Keep the Music alive: use analog"!!!


We are pleased the share with you the following info: Jacob Petersen from the Steve Miller Band is now using 59 Parts in his Gibson Les Paul. Jacob has choosen our hand aged pickguard, pickup rings, R/T plate nad Top Hat Bell knobs.

Steve Miller Band will be touring US in the Spring of 2014.


Slawek Malecki from Zdrowa Woda is 59 Parts' first endorser! We are really honoured to work with Slawek, who is one of the best Polish blues rock guitarists! Slawek Malecki is now using the Screambucker PAF pickups and is going to record a new album with Zdrowa Woda before the end of 2013.

Malecki founded Zdrowa Woda in 1998 and has since recorded eight studio albums and one live album. In 2013 Zdrowa Woda is celebraiting its 25 anniversary with an extensive tour of Poland.

This is what Slawek Malecki said about our hand wound Screambucker PAFs: "59 Parts Screambucker pickups express in a great way the idea and aesthetics behind the legendary 50's PAFs. Hand made of high quality components, the Screambuckers give a noble sound that captures the spirit of the guitar".

SCREAMBUCKER PAFS - hand wound PAF replicas!

We now offer hand wound SCRAMBUCKER PAF pickups! Our sets are built according to 50's specifications! Every single detail of our pickups is vintage correct! Their sound is as close to the 50's PAF sound as one can get! 59 PARTS PAFs are lightly aged and built according to original specifications! Our pickups are HAND WOUND and made with correct parts, including the Plain enamel wire, rough cast ALNICO 2 magnets. These sets generally come with the bridge around 7,7K ohms and neck 7,3K ohms.


59 PARTS has some new products! Among them you can find Top Hat Vintage Bell knobs for historic guitars, M69 Pickup Rings both for modern and historic guitars, black Reflector knobs and pre-wired harnesses with Bumblebee paper in oil capacitors. They are all available in the 'Products' section of our website.


59 PARTS knobs at the DALLAS GUITAR SHOW! The Dallas International Guitar Festival is the biggest vintage guitar show worldwide, with its 36 years history. Thanks to Craig Boehme, our hand aged Speed Knobs were part of this year's edition! Craig ordered a set of our knobs for his genuine 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop!

This guitar looks simply amazing! All the wear signs are genuine. This is a true piece of Gibson's history! Thank you Craig for choosing our knobs and sending us this great picture!


AUDREY HORNE and 59 PARTS in Prague! In our opinion they're one of the best new hard rock bands - Audrey Horne! In order to see them live, we made it to Prague, where they played the HooDoo Club along with Solstafir and Long Distance Calling.

After the gig, we've met the guys - Toschie, Espen, Thomas, Arve and Kjetil. We had a special gift for both axemen: Arve Isdal and Thomas Tofthagen get 59 Parts sets with Reflector and Speed knobs.

Thank you guys! See you in September! It certainly was an evening to remember!


Finally! Here is the 59 Parts website! We hope you enjoy it

A special thank you goes to Katarzyna Pec Photography for great design and a lot of cool ideas for our homepage!

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